Hi there. I am an assemblage of:
  • cooperatives / spaces / technologies
  • learnings / teachings / communities
  • systems / heuristics / practices
  • architecture / pedagogy / software
  • families / friends / societies / cultures
I am interested in:

Things I am thinking about lately (as of 2018-02):

architecture - photographs + systems - image culture + open source - attention + infrastructure - 'expert'-ism + care - brand = ?

Intentional infrastructures. Infrastructure is something that is created with such intent and deliberation, with a dedication to resilence and longitude, that it allows others to create projects on top of it. Infrastructure is not very easily shared online, or through images, or through information. Infrastructure is not easily bragged about. Infrastructure moves at the speed of habit and knowledge, not at the speed of information and money. All play is playful because of someone else's infrastructure.

Attention is another name for a cognitive load imposed onto us by others; the yanking of a mental thread in an implicitly coercive fashion. Attention requires feeding, commitment, renewal, upkeep. Attention loops dovetail with funding feedback loops. Attention requires an audience. Questions: What practices allow us to give our attention deliberately? Who gives your attention back to you? What does an anti-attention practice look like?

Texts I'm thinking about / (re)reading lately:
More things I am interested in: are.na

A list of names:

My work has been mentioned/published in The Politics of Parametricism (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2015), Project Journal, The New Yorker, The Observer, The Awl, Vice, The New York Times, among other publications.

current projects (as of 2017-10):

Prime Produce - co-organizing/co-programming a cooperative-driven intentional co-working guild for social good. Support structure for growing non-profits & social entrepreneurs, testing ground for 'social algorithms'. (Architectural design, budgeting, coordinating construction, programming, organizing, the whole shebang.)
Columbia University GSAPP - adjunct assistant professor.
Course coordinator and instructor for Architectural Drawing and Representation 2, instructor for Metatool, a critical/technological course about mobilizing technology to alter/modify/create new design possibilities, and Viable Utopias, a non-class experiment in self-pedagogy and shared facilitation.
Parsons Transdisciplinary Design - Part-time faculty.
Faculty and co-instructor for Future Labors, a Fall 2017 Transdisciplinary Design studio on the future of work in Long Island City.

some past projects (a very partial list):

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