Hi there. I am an assemblage of:
  • cooperatives / spaces / communities
  • learnings / teachings / practices
  • networks / systems / ecologies
  • bodies / technologies / habits
  • families / friends / societies / cultures
I am interested in:

Things I am thinking about lately (as of 2019-02):

Physical space is a computational medium. Physical space computes things. The sound that a doorbell makes in the space is a social/spatial computation that balances proximity and attention.

We are our environments. Our cognition is distributed in the environment. We are the relationships and spaces that surround us. We think through our friends and collaborators and our spaces. If we drew a closed loop around our thought in space, most of it would be outside of our bodies.

A culture of 'professionalism' is predicated on a denial of gender, race, culture, the body, and a denial of (soft, hard) power structures. Let's avoid 'professionalism culture' and find healthier ways of thoughtful, insightful action by being in our bodies and acknowledging them.

(or in other words: 'professionalism culture' comes from a hierarchy of effort, an axis of unvalued labor to valued labor, or a (horrible, flawed) labor/work/action hierarchy. A taxonomy of labor/work/action or personal/professional is maintained by power & aesthetics. Instead: there is no politics without an acknowledgment of our bodies; the personal is political, even though professionalism culture may not want it to be. Our environments should support and acknowledge this. If not; it's not worth it.)

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My work has been mentioned/published in The Politics of Parametricism (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2015), Project Journal, The New Yorker, The Observer, The Awl, Vice, Frieze, The New York Times, among other publications.


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