another sign in the interstice

You enter into another room. This one has a large sign, filling your frame of vision.

It says:


Welcome to this homepage: my home on the internet.

This home is not a gallery or a museum,
which might offer my finished works for you to contemplate.

This home is not a storefront,
which might offer crafted products for you to purchase.

This homepage is a home;
one of the places in which I live with my whole self.

As I (like all beings!) will continue to grow and change, and die, and grow,
The homepage, too, will do the same.

You are welcome in this homepage, but please take off your shoes before entering.

Please be mindful that I live here.


You read this with a mix of slight skepticism and curiosity.

To the side, you see a door, and a sign hanging on it.

If you wish to visit my homepage,


The passageway is through this door.